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  • Ali Noble

When a Child Goes Astray

What's on my mind today, is my children, and their relationship with God. Somehow, despite the turmoil in my childhood home, I always believed in God and Jesus Christ. I wasn't baptized as a kid, and we didn't go to church much—not as a family, anyway. But I went with friends, because I liked church.

One of my son's is the same—same as me and David, who just always believed. My other son, Charlie, isn't sure he believes in God at all.

I try to stay as open-minded as possible. I believe I will stand by my sons no matter the path they choose in life.

My fear is that whatever path they walk, they'll do it without God.

When Charlie went to the army, I feared he'd go through all that trouble and heartache alone. I wouldn't be there with him, to help shoulder his burdens. I knew that God could be there for him, but only if Charlie asked for it. Only if he believed.

He worked on that relationship and his faith during boot camp, but when he came home, he just...lost it. Denied he'd ever felt the Spirit.

Now this boy of mine, he has a big, tender heart. He's the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back, and as much of his time as he could. He's good and kind. Thoughtful and sweet. He is wonderful, and I love him with all my heart.

Yet I fear for him. Because the world can be awfully hard on us, and even harder on those with tender hearts.

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