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  • Ali Noble

Gaby & Rocky

On January 6th, we lost our precious dog, Rocky.

Rocky, about 4yo

Twelve or so years ago, David and I started playing a video game our boys were playing so we could keep an eye on them...but soon we were playing just for the fun of it. David met a few friends, including an older woman named Gaby. Gaby became my friend too, on and off the game.

Gaby lived across the country from us, and shared an apartment with a couple roommates who were much younger than her. She was disabled, and very unwell. She was estranged from her family, and only had her sweet precious yorkie as her companion. We felt a lot of compassion for her, and did what we could to help her, but David was moved to do more.

He reached out to the governor of her state, and was eventually able to get Gaby a wheelchair, which she desperately needed but had been unable to get approved by insurance. David made it so she was given a wheelchair and other important assistance for her so she could finally get the care and services needed to improve her life.

About a year later, one of Gaby's roommates was babysitting her dog, and Miss Precious fell pregnant. She had one puppy, and Gaby wanted us to have him. She could have sold the pup for a lot of money, but she insisted we have him. David and I were not too excited about it at first. We were "big dog people" and really couldn't see ourselves with a tiny teacup yorkie. Eventually we gave in, accepting the generous gift in the spirit it was intended.

We paid for one of Gaby's roommates to fly with the puppy to us...and immediately fell in love with him!

We named him Rockwell Valerian Nightsong after a hero David admires, then after Gaby's and David's game characters. He was the best dog, ever.

He always knew when I, or my disabled son, Xander, needed his comfort, and would snuggle with us for as long as we needed him. He was super cute, fun and funny, and just the dearest soul.

We lost touch with Gaby a couple years ago, and we believe she has passed away. Both David and I have tried to reach her and find her, but we've come up empty-handed. Gaby just wouldn't leave us unanswered like that, and her health had been really bad.

Meanwhile, this past summer, Rock became sick. Mostly, he was congested and had occasional nose bleeds, but all the blood work and scans came back inconclusive. The fear was that he had nasal cancer—the hope was that he'd just developed a chronic cold or something.

Shortly after Christmas, 2021, we discovered swelling over his nose. Days later, it was pushing up into his right eye, and down the right side of his mouth. Suddenly, On January 6th, the tumor was hanging from his mouth and bleeding steadily. He needed to be put to sleep.

The vet came to our home, and I was able to hold Rock on my lap, while we petted him, and said goodbye to him. He went very quickly. The vet told us the tumor had wrapped around the back of his head. He must have been in terrible pain, yet Rock never showed it.

I believe our beloved pets will be part of our family in the eternities, but I hope Gaby was waiting for Rock when he crossed that rainbow bridge.


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